Mike Silva’s exhibition of new paintings was due to debut at The Approach in mid April 2020. Due to the drastically changed circumstances, the show was at first presented online with a launch on May 20th, whilst Silva continued to be confined to his London home due to shielding. During a period when he was unable to make the trip to his South London studio, but with an insatiable need to continue working, he chose the period of lockdown to produce a group of pencil drawings of interiors. With subject matter similar to his paintings – touching on memory, stillness and time passing, but seeming even more relevant in these times, the drawings were the first time Silva had used this medium to create his images. Interestingly, rather than choosing to draw his current surroundings, he continued to delve into his archive of photographs from several years ago and depict scenes from shared houses or places he briefly stayed in but captured the moment on his Pentax camera.

Mike Silva’s exhibition of paintings ‘London Portraits, Interiors and Still Lives’ is now open by appointment at The Approach on Fridays and Saturdays only.