Germaine Kruip Resonance – next live performance 18hr, 20th December at Antwerp Central Station.

‘Resonance’ a new site-responsive work for the Antwerp Central station, springs from Kruip’s vivid — and visceral — memory of the anti-Semitic terrorist attack that occurred in the Antwerp diamond trade district on the morning of October 20th, 1981. At the time, the artist was eleven years old and in school, not far from the site of the explosion. With this work, Kruip makes tangible and audible the long-lasting impact of this tragedy. She also proposes a harmonic and reflective counterpoint to traumas of the past. While official history offers a narrative of political and economic failures and successes, we mustn’t forget that there is also personal memory, which produces stories often left untold or told indirectly, without words. This is how Resonance speaks.