Dogtooth & Tessellate

Phyllis Barron & Dorothy Larcher
Vanessa Bell
Rutherford Boyd
Alice Channer
Salvador Dalí
David David
Sonia Delaunay
Raoul Dufy
Sean Edwards
Festival Pattern Group
Charlie Hammond
Sebastian Hammwöhner
Matthew Harrison
Nigel Henderson
Lisa Lapinski
Ruth Laskey
Arnold Lever
Maria Loboda
James Clerk Maxwell
Henry Moore
Carter Mull
Ben Nicholson
Eduardo Paolozzi
Pablo Picasso
Bridget Riley
Amanda Ross-Ho
Paul Sharits
Humphrey Spender
Edward Wadsworth

27th November 2008 - 1st February 2009

Phillip Allen

Sloppy cuts no ice
The Approach W1

20th November 2008 - 31st January 2009

Edward Lipski

The Approach W1

16th October 2008 - 15th November 2008

Patrick Hill

11th October 2008 - 16th November 2008

Evren Tekinoktay

A slightly pregnant man

6th September 2008 - 5th October 2008

Mari Sunna

Winter Pictures
The Approach W1

4th September 2008 - 4th October 2008

Rezi van Lankveld

Paintings On Paper
The Approach W1

10th July 2008 - 16th August 2008

Feeling gave way to structure

Alexander Heim
Florian Roithmayr
Giles Round

5th July 2008 - 3rd August 2008

Sara VanDerBeek

The Principle of Superimposition

23rd May 2008 - 29th June 2008

Gary Webb

Revolution Oil
The Approach W1

16th May 2008 - 5th July 2008

Helene Appel


18th April 2008 - 18th May 2008

Martin Westwood

Silt Inter Lace
The Approach W1

11th April 2008 - 10th May 2008

Sam Windett

Bon Tracker

13th March 2008 - 13th April 2008

Dave Muller

The World on a Wheel
The Approach W1

7th March 2008 - 5th April 2008

Germaine Kruip

The Illuminated Void

3rd February 2008 - 2nd March 2008

Paintings: 1936–2008

René Daniëls
Rezi van Lankveld
Francis Picabia
Michael Raedecker
Neal Tait
Andro Wekua
Sam Windett
The Approach W1

25th January 2008 - 23rd February 2008

John Stezaker

The Approach W1

22nd November 2007 - 20th January 2008