Reviews of Amanda Ross-Ho: The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things

Head case in Chicago Tribune

José M. Osorio

22nd July 2013,0,

Amanda Ross-Ho transforms MCA Chicago’s plaza into an open air photo studio in

Tête-à-Tête in ArtSlant

Feature Article by Stephanie Cristello

26th July 2013

Amanda Ross-Ho creates a public work with the public very much in mind in

Feature Article by Sarah Nardi

23rd July 2013

You Should See the Rest of Her! (Or: What’s With all the Giant Heads?) Amanda Ross-Ho at MCA in Architecture Chicago Plus

23rd July 2013

John Stezaker

John Stezaker: Working from the Collection

Les Rencontres Arles Photographie, Arles, France

1st July – 22nd September 2013

Atelier des Forges, parc des Ateliers

Amanda Ross-Ho

Public commission
MCA Chicago Plaza Project
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, USA
Curated by Julie Rodrigues Widholm and Pamela Alper
23rd July – November 2013

Germaine Kruip

20th and 23rd June 2013
A possibility of an abstraction: Circle Dance
Performance by Germaine Kruip in the context of the exhibition Call of the Mall
The Foundation for Art in the Station Area and the Municipality of Utrecht
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jack Lavender: Dreams Chunky

Hobson’s Choice: Jack Lavender at The Approach
Contemporary Art Society Director Exhibition of the Week
Newsletter of the Contemporary Art Society, London, UK
14th June 2013

Alice Channer, Magali Reus

Post-Materiality, p.36-41
Feature Article by Karen Archey
Meta-Materiality, p.48-55
Feature Article by Rebecca Geldard
Both in Kaleidoscope Issue 18, Summer 2013

Sophie Bueno-Boutellier

The Approach is pleased to announce that it now represents Sophie Bueno-Boutellier

Lisa Oppenheim

Lisa Oppenheim: Elemental Process in Aperture Magazine
No. 211, May 2013
Feature article by Brian Scholis

John Stezaker

Solo Exhibition
Nude and Landscape
Petzel Gallery, New York
10th May – 13th June, 2013